10 Reasons To Book Flights To Nicaragua Before Everyone Discovers It

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March 2017


Most North American travelers spend their time planning their vacations to Europe or Southeast Asia or even Australia and New Zealand. The little gem, Nicaragua, lies unassumingly right below their noses. That is literally speaking. It is pretty much directly south and a shorter flight than most would think.


Nicaragua may just be the best nation in the Central American group of nations. It is deliciously tropical, with both rich history and exotic Latin culture that ignites your spiciest side upon arrival. Travel experts say Nicaragua will become one of the hottest holiday destinations of the near future; We all know that it is the home of Granada, aka the “Paris of Central America.”


How can you go wrong with deliciously tropical coupled with the “Paris of Central America?"


Nicaragua, at the same time, remains charmingly undiscovered. It abounds with wellness retreats and the whole country is so zen, it feels like it is a giant “swinging hammock.”


When you consider the food, people and the insane tropical nature, this place is absolutely beyond belief. This is why Nicaragua belongs on your bucket list for 2017 and in your future holiday getaway plans.

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1. Nicaragua boasts one of the oldest cities in all the Americas.

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Granada was founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquerors and is a treasure trove of charm at the base of a volcano. Visiting Granada is a “trip back in time“ to busy streets of colonial-style churches, homes and shops.

2. Every quaint little town is a historic site.

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As Lonely Planet puts it, “Many people fall in love with Granada, but most of them leave their heart in León.” The breathtaking colonial town oozes with art galleries, old churches, political graffiti and an up-and-coming cafe scene.

3. Nicaragua is nature, uninterrupted.

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Close to 25% of Nicaragua’s land is protected in nature reserves and national parks. The country can boast that they have more volcanoes, more rain forests, more valleys, more beaches, and more islands to explore that have not had much human contact.

4. Volcanoes to clamber up and down are abundant.

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One of the mast awesome volcanoes is Concepción Volcano, which is still active. It takes just seven to ten hours to hike it, so do not panic. You should also try hiking the other many varied volcanoes.

5. In Nicaragua, volcanoe boarding is one national sport.

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It seems only semi-terrifying. You will enjoy.

6. It is the adventure capital of the world.

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You are definitely knee-deep in Somoto Canyon, which was not discovered by modern man until 2004, if you are not trekking up and down a volcano or hiking through a rain-forest,

7. There are actual real to life pirate islands.

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The Corn Islands were hideouts for pirates in the 17th century. Now they are totally awesome vacation spots boasting cheap beach huts that no one knows about.

8. The food of Nicaragua tastes as good as it looks.

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Fresh seafood, plantains and rice are fare of the day. You could literally spend days upon days shopping

the colourful local markets

9. Nicaragua is also one big beach party.

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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, a quaint village on the country’s west side, offers fishing, surfing, yoga

and a full roster of beach bars.

10. Can you get away to Nicaragua in luxury? YES!

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A few lucky travelers have discovered the allure of Nicaragua already. That is why there are plenty of high-quality tropical resorts there. They are remote enough so that you can still totally get away form it all...

just the way you like it. All of this can be yours with cheap flights to this tropical paradise.

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